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The TimeSearcher software was implemented and documented by Harry Hochheiser. There is a TimeSearcher User's Manual and information on how to format your data for use with TimeSearcher.

Usage Hints

In the InfoVis Toolkit, the TimeSearcher 1.3 source code is in the '/src/edu/umd/cs/temporalquery' directory. See package 'edu.umd.cs.temporalquery' in the toolkit javadoc.

You can run TimeSearcher on a dos computer using timesearcher.bat stored in the /IVR/bin directory.

If you are working on a unix platform simply add

  <target name="timesearcher" depends="compile">
    <java classname='edu.umd.cs.temporalquery.TQMain'
      <classpath refid='project.classpath' />

to the Ant build.xml file in the IVR directory and type 'ant timesearcher'. This will open the window below (left). Open the data file stu.tqd and TimeSearcher will display the data as shown in the figure below (right).

Times Window Times Data

Read the TimeSearcher User's Manual and information on how to format your data to use TimeSearcher.



This package was made available for teaching the InfoVis course at IU by Harry Hochheiser and Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland. Feel free to contact Ning Yu (nyu@indiana.edu) if you have questions.

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