Action Items for the Fish Eye Table

The file needs more constructors, for the convenience of users who want to load in data in different ways.

It needs to be programmed to take screen resolution into account when determining row size, focus length, and distortion area size.

It has no code for a horizontal Fish Eye effect.

The Table needs a way to turn the Fish Eye effect on and off.

If too many rows for the Fish Eye Table to show at once are loaded into it, an error is generated and the Table will not display. It happens when there are too many rows for each of them to be assigned a y position. The rows and their y positions are stored in an array. The Table needs a way to store more rows than it can display on screen at one time and a way to scroll through all of the stored rows and make it appear as though all of them are being displayed.

It might be useful to have a way to use Tab and the arrow keys to select cells in the Table. Then the user could edit the selected cell by typing, without having to double click.

Finally, someone might want to add a JTableHeader to the Table, one that would persist at the top and remain the same size even when the focus moved away from it.