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InfoVis 2003 Contest: Visualization and Pair Wise Comparison of Trees
Treemap, Radial Tree and 3D Tree Visualizations
Nihar Sheth
School of Informatics
Indiana University, Bloomington
Katy Borner, Jason Baumgartner & Ketan Mane
School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University, Bloomington
{katy, jlbaumga, kmane}
Eric Wernert
Computer Science Department
Indiana University, Bloomington

Primary Contact: Nihar Sheth  
This web page accompanies our submission to the InfoVis 2003 Contest.
 2 Page Paper Summary:
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Figure 1: 3D Viewer
Figure 2: Dual Radial Tree Viewer
Task Description:
Support the interactive comparison of two phylogenetic trees.
Tools Used:
3D Viewer
This tool was developed by the Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), Indiana University and is primarily used to search, visualize and study the alignment of multiple trees.
Video Clip: (388 MB) 
Dual Radial Tree Viewer:
The tool is an in-house implementation of the information visualization laboratory , Indiana University, Bloomington. The software is an extended version of the radial tree browser that was developed as a part of the Information Visualization Software Repository (IV repository).
Video Clip: (69 MB)
Figure 3: Radial Tree Viewer
Task Description:
Display the hierarchical structure of a large classification hierarchy. Support search and browsing functionality.
Tool Used:
Radial Tree Viewer:
This tool is an extended version of the Radial Tree Browser. The original version was developed by Jason Baumgartner and Nihar Sheth and is an integral part of the Information Visualization Software Repository (IV repository) at Indiana University.
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Figure 4: Treemap
Task Description:
Visualize differences among file directory logs.
Tool Used:
This tool was developed at HCIL, University of Maryland, College Park and adopted for the analysis.
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