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Data Bases

We are in the process of setting up a PostgreSQL database that will provide access to books, journals, proceedings, doctoral and masters theses, technical reports, patents, grants covering both cross-disciplinary research  and specific knowledge domains. Some of the documents will be available in full text, enabling the extraction and utilization of citation links and citation contexts. Software that facilitates a continuous, automatic update of the database will be in place.

The database will accessbible online and it will interface the IVC software framework. While this infrastructure is set up, this web page provides information on data sets that will be available soon.

Oracle Database

Papers and Patents


Number of Entries: 11,693,477
Years covered: 1963-2002
Size: 135 MB (gunzipped)


Physical Review
Number of Entries: 247,149
Years covered: 1895-2004
Size: 8.6 GB


Proceedings of the Natioanl Academy of Science (PNAS)
Number of Entries: 16,169
Years covered: 1997-2002
Size: 583 MB


United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patents)
Number of Entries: 2,582,647
Years covered: 1976-2003
Size: 350 MB

Knowledge Webs


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Number of Entries: 491,575 articles &10,214,556 links (English)
Years covered: 2001-present
Size: 200GB (English) 179 other languages are available.

Grant Awards


National Science Foundation (NSF)
Number of Entries: 181,132
Years covered: 1985-2002
Size: 400 MB


National Institute of Health (NIH)
Number of Entries: 1,003,521
Years covered: 1972-1992 and 1994-2002
Size: 2.3 GB


Funding Opportunities


Community of Science (COS)
Number of Entries: 38,154 (5,000 new entries per month)
Years covered: 2001-present
Size: 60 MB

Other Datasets

Information Visualization Cyberinfrastructure @ SLIS, Indiana University
Last Modified October 6, 2005