Package edu.iu.iv.common.util

This package contains utility classes.


Class Summary
BasicURLPlugin A simple plugin used for creating new plugins that link to URLs.
BrowserLauncher BrowserLauncher is a class that provides one static method, openURL, which opens the default web browser for the current user of the system to the given URL.
JarScanner A utility class that can dynamically load classes from a set of paths, which may be jar files or folders which contain jars.
MenuConfigFile A config file that describes the layout of the IVC user interface's menu.
SIMOStreamRedirecter Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) Stream Redirecter.

Package edu.iu.iv.common.util Description

This package contains utility classes.

Currently the only utility class provided is a Jar scanning class that allows for multiple jars to be scanned in then searched for specific classes. This class is mainly used by the IVCInitializer to find Persisters and Plugins to add to the system at start up.