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A data-code-compute resource for research and education in information visualization
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This web site provides access to a comprehehsive set of software packages easing the exploration, modification, comparison, and extension of data mining and information visualization algorithms. Diverse software packages were bundled into learning modules. Access to a large-scale data repository, extensive compute resources, and a growing set of references are provided as well. It is our hope that the community will adopt this resource to foster Information Visualization education and research.

This site is work in progress. A very first version of the Information Visualization Cyberinfrastructure (IVC) was released at IEEE InfoVis 03. Tutorials and demos were/will be presented at InfoVis 04 and InfoVis 05 in London, IEEE InfoVis 04 in Austin, TX, and Visualization and Data Analysis 2005 in San Jose, CA.

bullet Acknowledgements
The Information Visualization Software Repository project was started in 2000. The repository has since then been used to teach the Information Visualization class at Indiana University.
Katy Börner, Yuezheng Zhou, and Jason Baumgartner implemented the very first algorithms. In Summer 2003, Jason Baumgartner, Nihar Sheth, and Nathan J. Deckard lead a project to design a XML toolkit that enables the serialization and parallelization of commonly used data analysis and visualization algorithms. In Summer 2004, Shashikant Penumarthy and Bruce W. Herr master minded the current IVC framework. Josh Bonner and Laura Northrup were involved in the implementation of the IVC and Hardik Sheth and Jeegar Maru implemented and integrated the first data modeling and analysis algorithms. Elijah Wright provided extensive administrative support. Maggie B. Swan and Caroline Courtney were of invaluable help for the design, proof reading and validation of the diverse online documentations.
Support comes from the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University's High Performance Network Applications Program, a Pervasive Technology Lab Fellowship, an Academic Equipment Grant by SUN Microsystems, and an SBC (formerly Ameritech) Fellow Grant. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE-0333623 and IIS-0238261.


Information Visualization Cyberinfrastructure @ SLIS, Indiana University
Last Modified June 28th, 2005